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Environment Friendly

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MSM is committed to operate responsibly as stewards of our planet’s natural resources.

This is conducted by operating with due consideration to sustainable use of natural resources and prevention of pollution while complying with all applicable legal and other requirements. We firmly believe in caring for the environment as it will nourish the planet and future generations.

While always on the lookout for innovation and progress, environmental protection is one of the important criteria when selecting new technologies and equipment.

MSM’s steam consumption rate is among the lowest in the industry. This is attributed to the use of energy-saving process equipment such as a Mechanical Vapour Re-compressor (MVR) evaporator and Vertical Crystallization Tower (VKT).

Additionally, MSM also generates about half of its own electrical power requirement using back pressure turbines, with the exhaust steam being channelled to the process for heating. This concept decreases the amount of heat and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

In terms of environmental impact, MSM is a fore-runner in having implemented a waste treatment system for effluent discharge generated from the Ion Exchange Resin (IER) towers based on Nano-filtration technology. The system filters and releases clean water to the river.

When natural gas was made available locally, MSM was one of the first local companies to convert using natural gas fuel. Overall, the conversion has drastically decrease the usage of fuel, electricity, water and basic consumable materials which translates to reduced waste and pollution.

Through good refinery management and proper maintenance of machinery and equipment in the plant, MSM is able to sustain its position as an environment-friendly sugar producer.

MSM Sugar Refinery (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. (MSM Johor), a subsidiary of MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad (MSM) operates MSM’s new sugar refinery based in Tanjung Langsat, Johor which is set to be the largest standalone sugar refinery in Malaysia. Erected on a 50.63 acre land plot, the integrated complex is under development for Phase 1 - to build and operate a 3,000 tonnes per day of refined sugar output (RSO) contributing of up to 1 million MT on the Group’s annual production capacity. This is set to be fully commissioned by mid year of 2018. Upon increase in demand, expansion of Phase 2 shall commence by 2025. The combined annual production capacity of Phase 1 and Phase 2 is capable for up to an astounding 2 million MT, strengthening MSM’s position as one of the leading refined sugar producer in the region. With an investment of approximately USD $259 million for the development of Phase 1, this magnifies the Group’s confidence to showcase its ability towards MSM’s 53 years of talented expertise and experience in sugar refining and skilled management. Upon completion and full commissioning of MSM Johor, the total group production capacity will increase of up to 3.25 million MT per annum. One of MSM Johor’s salient point enables capacity building which translates to competitive pricing on end products. This allows MSM to foray into neighbouring countries, further strengthen the Group’s domestic market share and transform Malaysia into a regional hub for high quality refined sugar. Significantly, MSM Johor is seen to be a key growth driver for MSM Group to realize its mission in becoming one of the top 10 global sugar player by 2020.